World of Greenland - Arctic Circle


World of Greenland - Arctic Circle

Polar Lodge & Old Camp Hostel
Mitaarfiit Aqq - postbox 1009
DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq

Tel: +299 841 648
Fax: +299 841 619

World of Greenland – Arctic Circle welcomes you to Kangerlussuaq, the gateway to Greenland.

Kangerlussuaq, also known as Sonder Stroemfiord, was an American airbase until September 1992. We hope you will enjoy your stay here in our village with its beautiful surroundings.

Kangerlussuaq is much more than just an international airport.
Just outside the airport fascinating wildlife with chances of seeing musk ox, reindeers, arctic foxes, falcons, eagles, ravens and some of the most power full northern lights during the winter.

Kangerlussuaq has the easiest access to the inland ice of Greenland. You can easily get to the inland ice by car, bike, Icelandic horse or by foot. The distance from Kangerlussuaq to the inland ice is only 25 km.

World of Greenland – Arctic Circle will be pleased to help you with tourist information and organize tours and accommodations.

Visit the website of World of Greenland - Arctic Circle and make your reservations. Have a nice time and see you in Kangerlussuaq.


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