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Car excursion to the Russell Glacier
All year round
The excursion is undertaken in a car, which covers the 25 km to the edge of the The Russel's Gletcher. During the journey there are plenty of opportunities of seeing reindeer, arctic foxes and birds. Part of the trip is off-road and the drive normally takes about 1 hour each way.
Length: 4 hours
Price: DKK 550, -
Children under 12: DKK 325, -
(Min. 4 participants per trip)

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Car excursion to the icecap, point 660
All year
We drive the 40 kilometers to and onto the icecap in special outfitted 4 WDs through a scenic and breathtaking landscape. You will experience the enormous ice desert and have the possibility to walk on the icecap.
Length: 5 hours
Price: DKK 550, -
Children under 12: DKK 325, -
(Min. 4 participants per trip)

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Barbeque trip to the icecap
May - September
Experience an untraditional partly off-road drive to the ice cap.
At the ice we stay about 2 hours, which can be used to admire the ice with its many colors and sounds, and to enjoy barbeque food from Greenland prepared by the guide.
Length: 5 hours
Price DKK: 745, -
Children under 12 DKK: 450, -
(Min. 6 participants)

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