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  6th of July

The President of the European Commission, Mr. Romano Prodi in Qassiarsuk 

On Saturday, July 8 Mr. Romano Prodi and his wife visit Qassiarsuk. In the morning a boatride with Premier Jonathan Motzfeldt, Mr. and Mrs Prodi, Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and Mrs. Lone Dybkjær is arranged. In the afternoon follow a visit to Thodhilde's Church, a helicopter trip to the ice cap and "kaffemik" with the Municipal Council. 
Mr. Romano Prodi is on an official visit to Greenland 6 - 9 July. The visit also includes visits and meetings in Ilulissat and Nuuk. In Nuuk, July 8 a press conference is arranged at Katuaq at 15.00.
    8th of July
    Photos from Mr. Romano Prodi's visit in Qassiarsuk
  The major of Narsaq
The Major of Narsaq and a member of the Community Council surrounded by a Norse priest and Norse farmers in front of Erik the Red's farm house.
At the ruins in Qassiarak
After inspections of the
original ruins in Qassiarsuk Mr. and Mrs. Prodi
visit the replica of Thjodhilde's church together
with Premier Jonathan Motzfeldt and his wife Kristjana Motzfeldt.

Prime Jonathan Motzfeldt plays the
organ in the present church of
Qassiarsuk.Mrs. Flavia Franzoni Prodi,
Mr. Romano Prodi, Mrs. Lone Dybkjær MEP
and Prime MinisterPoul Nyrup Rasmusssen
try to follow theGreenlandic text to one
of the old hymn.
Mr. Prodi and mr. Rasmussen
Mr. Prodi and Mr. Nyrup Rasmussen taste
the pure water of a small river of Qassiarsuk.
  14th of July

The Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II in Narsarsuaq




Arrival of the Queen


Onboard the Gulf Stream Queen Margrethe the II and Prince Henrik landed in Narsarsuaq airport at 14.00.




The welcome committe

Queen Margrethe and Jonathan are waiting for
the cars to go to the royal yacht "Dannebrog"
at Narsarsuaq harbour. "Dannebrog" arrived the
12th after a 7 days sail from Denmark.



Photo: John Rasmussen,Narsaq Foto.

"Islendingur" is only a
few hoursvoyage from
Qassiarsuk. Aftern
an overnight stay in Itelleq on
Thursday the 13th the
Viking ship crossed
the fjord on Friday morning
to Sillissit. Here the captain
and his crew will stay until
Saturday morning when
Islendingur travels the last
distance to Brattahlid/Qassiarsuk.


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