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  17th of July

Introduction of Christianity is celebrated on the 17th of July.

The final offiicial jubilee day is dedicated to the church.
Amazingly, this was another Leif Eriksson accomplishment!
According to the Norse Sagas, it was Leif who brought
"the good word" to Greenland. The events of the day take
place at the old Norse episcopal residence of Gardar/Igaliku.

  The Kingsroad
After a 45 minutes' sail from Nar-
sarsuaq to Itelleq southeast at
the fjord, the guests are driven
the last 5 km on the "Kingsroad"
to the sheepfarmer settlement
The green fields, the impressive mountains and
the many Norse remains make Igaliku to one of
Greenland's most beautiful places. The locality
was named Gardar by the Norse, and an episcopal
residence was founded here in 1126.
The ruins of the cathedral
The ruins of the cathedral and bishops's palace have been renovated in recent years, and today constitute a unique memorial to Greenland's Norse Era.
  The altar
The open-air service was held at the
ruins of the Cathedral of St. Nicolaus.
An altar has been arranged in honour
for the occasion.
The Royal copple and the icelandic presiden arrives in a helicopter
While the guests were having coffee before the
sermon, Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik and
the Icelandic President arrived to Igaliku in helicopter.
The guest of honour walks to the memorial stone
The Royal couple walks to the memorial stone of Anders Olsen, the founder of Igaliku. They were followed by Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Jonathan Motzfeldt and his wife Kristjana Motzfeldt and the local council Chairman Kristian Motzfeldt.
Speech by Mr. Kristian Motzfeldt
At the memorial stone of Anders Olsen - Igaliku's
founder, the local council chairman Kristian Motzfeldt welcomed all the guests:
"We are gathered here to celebrate the 1000th year
of the introduction of Christianity, and thus continue the celebrations that have taken place in Qassiarsuk and Narsarsuaq. It feels like being encircled by the wings of history..... It is therefore with heartfelt feelings that the residents of Igaliku together with all our guests in a
moment will gather at the episcopal residence of the
The procession
  The ruins of the cathedral
A procession of all the members of the
clergy was led by Bishop Sofie Petersen
to the ruins of the Cathedral.
The open-air ecumenical service

In an atmosphere of solemnity and stillness,
the open-air ecumenical service started.

The catholic congregation sings
Prayer by catechist Morten Simonsen
Hymn - The Avaat choir sings.
Grace Collect Readings by Bishop Finn Wagle,
Trondheim, Norway, Palasi Paul Marx,
Catholic Communion in Nuuk, Bishop Paul Idlout,
Iqaluit, Nunavut and Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen, Copenhagen.
The creed
Prayer by catechist Morten Simonsen.

The local population provided entertainment for the rest of the afternoon, along with the Viking crew from Narsarsuaq. The clock was turned back, and the Vikings and Inuits demonstrated what life was like 1000 years ago. There was archery and combat, dance and the Vikings grilled whole lambs espesialoly for the occasion.
The next weeks:
Queen Margrethe travels to Nuuk.
On the 18th of July, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik will travel to Nuuk to celebrate the authorisation of a new Bible translation.
For this special occasion, Bishop Sofie Petersen will hold a service in Hans Egede's Church at 11 o'clock.
The new translation will replace earlier translations from the turn of the last century (the Old Testament) and from 1936 (the New Testament).
The new Bible is to be published on the first Sunday in Advent 2000.

Islendingur to carry the celebrations over the Atlantic.
The crew
A few days after the conclusion of the celebrations
in Greenland, the Islendingur will be setting
course to the west, towards North America.
Under her captain, Gunnar Marel Eggertsson and
his crew of eight, they will be re-creating the feat
of Leif Eriksson.
The next highpoint of the festivities will be her
arrival at the ancient Viking settlement of
L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland.
From Greenland, the Islendingur has eight
days to reach L'anse-aux-Meadows. You can
read daily reports on her progress at
Hillary Clinton to welcome the ship to New York On the 5th of October, the Islendingur will dock in Manhattan, New York, where Hillary Clinton will welcome the captain and his crew. The entire journey of 2600 sea miles will last around four months, ending on the 25th October. During the voyage, the ship will call in to approx. 40 different ports.

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