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  Press manager:
Jesper Kunuk Egede, Greenland Tourism
Tel: +299 66 53 73
E-mail: jke@ghsdk.dk
Museum supervisor Rie Oldenburg
Narsaq Museum
Tel.: +299 66 16 59
E-mail: narsaq.museum@greennet.gl
Photos from the official days of celebrations will be available at
Narsaq Foto,
Footages of the events:
Please contact KNR TV, project manager Finn Rosing, email: finn@knr.gl
or Greenland Tourism, email: jke@ghsdk.dk
Click to download photo as TIFClick to download photo as TIF Click to download pre-press photos from Southern Greenland
Resolution 300 dpi, file size approx 5 Mb. Format: TIF
Caption included with photo
Other photos are available from Greenland Tourism:
3 photo CD's with a total of approx. 250 photos of Greenland
Further information about the region, including a brochure in .pdf format to download and print, is available at this South Greenland page.
  Press facilities
A press room has been set up in Narsarsuaq, where journalists and photographers have access to telephone, fax and Internet connections.
Telephone press center: +299 665373 (from 7th July)
Telephone press center: + 299 665378
Telefax press center: +299 665376
Daily briefings
There will be daily briefings for journalists and photographers during the days of the official celebrations.
Mobile telephone
Mobile telephones (GSM 900) can be used in Greenland. Roaming with the following companies:
Sonofon, Denmark
Tele Danmark, Denmark
British Telecom Cellnet, Great Britain
Swisscom, Switzerland,
Landssimi, Iceland,
Sonera, Finland,
Telefonverkid, Faroe Islands,
Telenor Mobil, Norway,
Mannesmanna Mobilfunk, Germany

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