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Sponsors of the Viking-Inuit Festival:
Royal Arctic Line
CARLSBERG Foundation
Royal Greenland A/S
KNI Pilersuisoq A/S
Tele Greenland
Qaqortoq Municipality
Narsaq Municipality
Ivittuut Municipality
Air Iceland
Greenlandair A/S
Atlantic Airways
Greenland's Command
The Civil Defence Forces in Copenhagen
Contributors of the statue:
The government of Greenland
Leif 2000
Trondheim Municipality
Nidaros Diocese/The Bishop in Nidaros
Sparbank 1 in Trondheim
The inhabitants of Qassiarsuk
The Leif Eriksson International Foundation, Seattle, USA
Narsaq Municipality
Contributors of the reconstructions in Brattahlid:
The Parliament of Iceland
The Parliament of Greenland
The Parliament of the Faroe Islands
The Nordic Council
The West Nordic Council
The Nordic Council of Ministers
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik Foundation
The Royal Greenland Foundation
The Nordic Institute in Greenland (N.A.P.A.)
SAMIK Foundation
The Greenland Foundation in Iceland
Royal Arctic Line
  The Vikingship Islendingur will be recieved in Greenland on the 15th of July.
Photo: Larus Karl Ingason, Iceland

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