Sisimiut Tourist Information
P.O. Box 65
DK-3911 Sisimiut
Phone: +299 864848
Fax: +299 865622






About Sisimiut Tourist Information

The idea behind Sisimiut Tourist Information

The intentions of  the municipality of Sisimiut to support tourism have amongst other things meant the establishment of a neutral tourist office. Sisimiut Tourist Information is to work towards a joint optimising of potentialities and marketing. The tourist office will continuously keep up to date to make sure to make references, guidance and information to tourists, local operators, tour operators etc. as good as possible.
What is Sisimiut tourist Information?

Sisimiut Tourist Information informs about trips and excursions, accommodation, dining out and other relevant information.
For tourists hiking in the area it is possible to get information about routes, special conditions and buy hiking maps.
Tour Operators:
If you are interesting in organising a trip to and/or in Sisimiut, we gladly refer to relevant local operators and offer help and advice coordinating and putting executions etc. together.
Local society
When local people are interested in working in tourism. It is our job to inform them about the possibilities they have.
Local operators
We must market the tourist destination Sisimiut which containing local operators who offers products from accommodation to excursions.
We also work together with the local operators finding new ways for products and carry the product development through.
Sisimiut Tourist Information, part of GVI

Greenland Visitor Information was introduced by Greenland Tourism a couple of years ago as a quality ensuring organ to raise the quality and service level among tourist offices in Greenland.
The assignment of a GVI authorization demands the fulfilment of good physical and technological conditions at the tourist office, just like service qualities to promote information and communication are highly valued.
Sisimiut Tourist Information is making an effort to fulfil these standards of the GVI authorization.

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