Out of the ordinary
The final touch
We can add something extra to your incentive event, in the form of out-of-the-ordinary experiences, such as kayak demonstrations by hunters, who can also describe in detail everything about their tiny, but irreplaceable form of transport, that has provided the Inuit with a means to survive. We can arrange for entertainment by a Greenlandic choir and can arrange a uniquely Greenlandic picnic or coffee break at a private home and visit craft workshop, where you can see how leather and fur products are cured and produced. We can also arrange demonstrations of ancient Inuuit games that call for strength, concentration, coordination and suppleness. A culinary evening with tastings of local products - the world's finest ingredients - will also be amongst the things on offer.
Your own golf tournament
Raise your profile and arrange your own golf tournament! In the wake of The Drambuie World Ice Golf Championship, businesses can now hold a specially adapted tournament of their own. We have lots of experience from holding the world championship in ice golf, in which more and more top players take part every year, along with officials and media personnel from around the world. We can provide trainers and golf-sledges.
Period: early March - late April.
For more details, go to: www.golfonice.com
Contact us for further information, we can customise your event to your needs.
World class shark fishing
Go shark fishing in Uummannaq Fjord and pit your strength against Greenland's biggest fish - the Greenland shark. Actual fishing takes place from a dog sledge or through a hole in the ice - and can be arranged between February and May.
Inuit for a day
Go out on a seal hunt with a professional and catch a glimpse of a hunter's life. Experience Greenlandic hospitality, staying overnight in a small settlement.
Heliskiing in an untouched landscape
A ski experience in a class of its own awaits those who dare try their strength on the virgin snow of the 2,000 meter high peaks of the Nuussuaq peninsula.








Uummannaq Tourist Service
C/o Hotel Uummannaq
3961 Uummannaq
Tel: +299 95 15 18
Fax: +299 95 12 62



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