Summer programme
1. All-day trip to one of the 7 settlements
You will experience the hunter's way of living in the Greenland of today - which is not very different from earlier times.
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Price: EUR 80/DKK 600 min. 8 persons.
2. By boat to the beautiful glacier of Great Qarajaq
Great Qarajaq is situated in the Uummannaq Fjord and is the fastest moving glacier in the world with a speed of approx. 5.7 kilometres a year.
We will sail along the impressive Nussuaq peninsula, on a course that leads us close to the many dead glaciers. After approx. four hours we will reach the gigantic ice wall and during the next couple of hours we will almost certainly experience the glacier 'calving' - the birth of a new iceberg. On the way back, we will visit one of the settlements, passing the abandoned settlement of Uummannatsiaq.
From mid-July to November, there is the possibility of watching whales during the whole trip.
Duration: approx. 8 hours
Price: Included packed lunch and coffee/tea. EUR 175/DKK. 1,300 min. 8 persons.
3. By boat to Qilakitsoq.
Qilakitsoq is an old Eskimo settlement across the fjord from Uummannaq. Here the famous 500 year-old mummies were found in 1972, consisting of six women and 2 children. This find, which is one of the best-preserved in Greenlandic history, has provided so much new information on how the Eskimos lived and dressed. It is still possible to see some of the old graves, but please remember that you are visiting an old graveyard, and that it is strictly prohibited to remove any relict from the area. The original mummies are to be seen in the National Museum in Nuuk, Uummannaq museum also has a very good exhibition of the mummies including copies of their clothes, and is well worth a visit.
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Price: EUR 65/DKK 500 min. 8 persons.
4. Whale-watching
A boat-trip to the little settlement Qaarsut, where you will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs and homemade products of sealskin. As we sail onwards, you may get the chance to "shoot" at whales - but only with your camera. The best period for watching whales is from mid July till November.
Duration: approx. 4-5 hours
Price: EUR 95/DKK 700 min. 8 persons.
5. Hike to the home of Santa Claus
As we all know, Santa Claus lives in Greenland, but did you know, that he has built his Royal Castle, in the traditional Greenlandic way, near the town of Uummannaq? This house is built beneath the impressive mountain of Uummannaq and situated approx. 1 hour's walk away from the town.
Duration: approx. 3 hours.
Price: EUR 30/DKK 220
6. Visit the local museum
Uummannaq has a small but interesting museum, housed in the old hospital. Here you can see such exhibits as the two motor-driven sledges used by renowned polar explorer Alfred Wegener, who achieved world fame as a result of his theory on continental drift. His aim was to build a scientific station in the middle of the inland ice, in 1929. In order to transport his heavy gear across the ice, he utilised these modern aids, to the huge amusement of the locals. The sledges proved to be totally useless. Wegener died in 1930, during a sally from his "Eismitte" station to the coast in the company of Greenlander, Rasmus Willumsen. There is also a fine collection of traditional Greenland crafts, including kayaks, 'konebåd' ('woman's boat') and copies of fur suits from the Qilakitsoq mummies.
Opening times March-August: Tuesday-Friday 10.00-12.00. Sunday 12.00-15.00.
EntrÚe: EUR 3/DKK 20
7. Full-day tour
We start the day by sailing to Qilakitsoq, where a number of well-preserved mummies from over 500 years ago were discovered. This find was one of the best-preserved of its kind, and has provided a great deal of information on how the Eskimos lived and what their clothing looked like. You can still see some of the old graves.
Next we continue along the Nussuaq peninsula towards the large, but unproductive glaciers, where we will see a vast moonscape. We will sail on towards the eastern tip of the huge 'Storeø' (which means 'Big Island'), where we will make a stop en route to eat our packed lunch. At the easternmost tip of 'Storeø' is a fascinating geological region, known locally as 'Ørkenen' (The Desert). 'Ørkenen' is a mineral landscape; its principal minerals are sulphur, copper and iron. It offers excellent opportunities for finding some fine stones, including garnets, quartz coloured yellow by sulphur, pure black lead, iron etc.
We then continue across to the immense bird cliff at Qingaarssuaq, a breeding site for thousands of fulmars, and we will treat you to a close-up view, including a waterfall dropping from thousands of metres above. From here we will go on to Saattut, a traditional fishing and hunting settlement, allowing us a fascinating glimpse into everyday life.
The tour will then return to Uummannaq.
Duration: approx. 8 hours.
Price: (including packed lunch with coffee/tea) EUR 168/DKK 1,250 min. 8 persons.
8. Midnight tour June - August
We will sail out on the beautiful fjord of Uummannaq, where we will enjoy the midnight sun and the extremely impressive mountains around us. With a little luck we may see seals, humpback whales, fin whales, killer whales and mink whales playing in the crystal-clear water.
Duration: Approx. 2 hours.
Price: EUR 54/DKK 400 min. 8 persons.
9. Sightseeing in the town
A walk around Uummannaq┤s hilly streets and paths between the houses, which lie like colourful building blocks thrown up in the air and allowed to stay where they came to rest. A visit to the museum and church is included, to get an impression of everyday life in the town.
Duration: Approx. 2 hours. Price: EUR 19/DKK 140
Nr. 10 - Glacier tour and evening barbecue
In Uummannaq and a few other places in Greenland, it's possible to reach a glacier by foot within just half an hour's walk.
We will sail over Uummannaq fjord to Sermiarsuit Sermikavsat, which is an outcrop of the Sermersuaq glacier on the giant Nuussuaq peninsula. Along the way, you will be able to see seabirds and if we are lucky, seals and whales. We will land on a sandy beach and reach the edge of the glacier within half an hour. We will then climb up on the actual glacier, where runoff of melting water forms crystal clear streams of water that you can drink. There is a magnificent panoramic view towards the distant inland ice, Storøen, Uummannaq, Uummannaq fjord, with its armada of icebergs, the other glaciers and the snow-capped peaks of over 2,000 meters. When we reach a slightly more hilly ice landscape, we will take a break to enjoy the view and explore the glacier. As it melts, stones are revealed that can be as large as a car left standing on a pedestal of ice. A short hike back to the beach will bring us to a barbecue of grilled Greenlandic specialities before finally sailing back to Uummannaq.
Duration: Approx. 5 hours.
Price: EUR 105/DKK 790 per person, minimum 8 persons














Uummannaq Tourist Service
C/o Hotel Uummannaq
3961 Uummannaq
Tel: +299 95 15 18
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